"Bicentennial" / Limited Edition - 8'6" 5w - EXPRIED 6/2020

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For a special day like this one that only comes once in a lifetime, we had to honor in the only way we know how. This very Limited Edition batch was made to honor the rich history here in Maine. 

This batch was designed to bring you that staple 5w, reflecting a black on black color scheme with the colors of Maines flag recognized near the handle. Unique Agate stripping guides were placed in the first 2 positions reflecting the reds and yellows of our identity. The label is Bicentennial with the date 3/14/20 on it.  Whether this becomes a go, a collectors item or just a rich piece of history to share with future generations, its one worth adding to the quiver. 

- 8'6" 5w

- Moderate Action

- Fenwick Cork handle

- Burl Wood seat spacer with engraved vintage hardware

- Single foot black guides follow 2 unique Agate stripping guides tying it all together

- This limited edition comes in a Maine Fly Co rod tube


The Wabanaki had been living in the region now known as Maine for approximately 13,000 years. The path to statehood was centuries in the making and tied Maine to key national events and issues: the American Revolution, the War of 1812, the Missouri Compromise, and, eventually, the Civil War. And, of course we cut ties with Massachusetts. The story of Maine statehood is fascinating, echoes many issues in Maine today, and was central to the development of the United States. 

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