Magalloway - 8'6" 5W

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The Magalloway

This batch features:

- 8'6", 5W with moderate action

- Matte Black with burgundy wraps

- Agate stripping guides

- Reverse Half Well AA handle

- Wooden reel seats with engraved hardware

- Single Foot, Black anodized Guides

- Swivel hook keeper

- Custom Maine Fly Co branded handle

-  Delivered in a Black Canvas Rod Sack (add a rod tube only and protect your investment ,$30)

 I’m pretty keen to this one. From the hardware on the seat to the burgundy and agate guides all in 8’6” of smooth casting bliss! This is the smallest batch yet, so get’em while their hot.

 The Magalloway begins in the Boundary Mountains on the Quebec border and flows into Umbagog Lake, forming the headwaters of the Androscoggin River. The Upper Magalloway, above Aziscohos Lake, is home for large brookies and landlocked salmon. It is best fished in the spring and fall when water temps are lower. 
   The lower section, below Aziscohos Dam is a classic tailwater with cold water temps. The cool water extends the season through the hot summer months. It features fast pocket water and riffles with only a couple real pools. This section is a nymph fisherman’s dream and holds many larger brook trout and landlocks.        The section of river from the dam to the Rte 16 bridge is the easiest to get to and the most heavily fished. This section of river is full of native brook trout and landlocked salmon that thrive in the cold,oxygen rich water. There is a lot of food available to the fish in this environment and they grow fat and abundant.  

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