The Rapid - 9' 4W - EXPIRED 2019

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Our Premier Batch...The Rapid - VERY limited quantities left due to presales.

This batch features:

-A 9', 4w with fast action! 

-Forest Green with Charcoal wraps,

-AAA half well cork handle

-Lightweight cork seat

-A great choice for lighter game. Highly responsive. This one is smooth!

The Rapid River is one of Maine’s most famous fly fishing rivers since the early 1900s. Part of the Androscoggin River basin, the Rapid River flows from Richardson Lake in the Rangeley Lakes region down to Lake Umbagog in New Hampshire. The Rapid River is unique in that is has a pond in the middle of the river and is outstanding for its native Brook Trout and Landlocked Salmon populations. The river is restricted to fly fishing only and has a catch-and-release regulation on all trout and a three-fish limit on salmon. 

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