About Our Company

Maine Fly Company honors our state’s fly fishing culture and heritage through the quality craftsmanship of our small batch rods at a price you can afford. Our rods are carefully built here in Maine by a select group of master craftsmen; each one-of-a-kind batch is named for one of our stunning waterways, reflecting their colors, beauty, and endurance. Our unique regionally sourced accessories are made throughout New England, showcasing the quality craftsmanship of the Northeast.

Maine Fly Co. was founded in part to celebrate my late father's passion for fly fishing and Maine. It’s the heritage of Maine fly fishing that keeps alive my father’s spirit, and that I hope to pass along to my three sons and future generations everywhere. In his name, we celebrate the sport of fly fishing, show appreciation for fine craftsmanship, and remain committed to the sustainability of Maine’s lakes and streams. Maine Fly Co. is dedicated to inspiring and supporting the intergenerational love of fishing for all members of the family.

We welcome you to join our community, and invite you to Fly Maine, wherever you may be.