Charitable Giving /Philanthropic Donations

As a small business we understand what a little support can do. From inception, we've provided what support we are capable of to like minded organizations nationally. Through the years, we continue to discover new organizations and causes that speak near and dear to us and continue to be blow away by the amazing work of so many out there!

Due to our limited capabilities while we evolve and continue to grow, we are now reviewing all requests made to Maine Fly Company for support / donations on a semi annual basis.  This gives our team the opportunity to review all requests and choose those that closest align with our core values and vision moving forward.  While we would love the opportunity to grant all requests received weekly, the requests have simply surpassed our capabilities. 

Please send an email to including the following information: 

~ Name and contact information of contact inquiring. 

~The name of the organization with any links for us to review.

~The event or cause and all details you can share.

~The request (merch, gear, donation) 

~Date the support requested is needed by 

~Where these items or donations would need to be delivered and or shipped to.

 Requests will be reviewed the first of January and the first of July annually.  Requests received between July and January will be reviewed at the Jan review date, those received from January to July annually on the July review date.  

Requests received outside of these dates requiring turn around beyond our semi annual review dates will be denied.  Requests missing information will also be denied due to an incomplete submission.

We are so grateful you though of Maine Fly Company for charitable needs!  As a small business we really value supporting our community, be that local or national.  We hope to work with you in the months ahead.


~The Maine Fly Crew