Maine Fly Co Rods

New Englands Original Small Batch Rod Company

Our signature small batch rods are designed with any of our more than 5000 rivers and streams in mind.

We're proud to say every rod we offer is built here in Maine with reflection of our scenic waterways, inspirations of our heritage and the craftsmanship New England is known for.

Batches are made in varying quantities from a few dozen to over a hundred per design.  Batches are sometimes repeated, others reinvented, some retired.  Thats small batch.  Surrounded by inspirations, inspired by your stories and at at times finding voids in our quivers while exploring,  inspire that missing rod in the line up. We aim to keep a balanced line up available in various weights, actions and lengths suitable for any of our waterways from coast to coast. 

Built by anglers, for anglers