Repurposed Waders Program

After discovering a few pairs of old waders being thrown out riverside here outside our shop, its didn't take long before we realized there must be a better way. 

Why repurpose waders?

Vulcanized rubber, modern PVC, neoprene and Gore-Tex variants are what the greater majority of waders are made of.  When a pair of waders are thrown out, they will stand in our landfills fills for decades at best! It  is estimated that more than 3 million pairs of waders are purchased annually by anglers. The average lifespan of waders is 3–5-years. Up to one million pairs find there way into landfills annually.

Waders denotes a waterproof boot or overalls extending from the foot to the thigh, the chest or even the neck. They are traditionally made from vulcanized rubber, but available in more modern PVC, neoprene, and Gore-Tex variants. As a rule, rubber takes between ten to hundreds of years to biodegrade.

  • PVC is not considered to be a sustainable material. It is non-biodegradable, meaning it will remain in the environment for a very long time. It can also be difficult to recycle, as it is made from a combination of plastics and chemicals.

  • Neoprene can take over 100 years to decompose in a landfill. Like most petrochemical-derived fabrics, neoprene has a significantly negative impact on the environment. It's not biodegradable.

  • Gore-Tex is so durable that it won't biodegrade for centuries.

Whats in it for you? 

A $5 MFC gift card,

Repurposed Waders sticker pack, 

You get to support a local Maine seamstress,

Bragging rights that you made a difference

Good fish karma!

    We hope you'll consider recycling your old waders with us

    The rivers will thank you later!!