The Dead - 9' 5W & Switch

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The Dead 

This batch features:

-9', 5W with moderate action

-Matte Black with Forest Green wraps

-AA Reverse Half Well handle

-Wood Real Seat finished in Gunmetal Hardware

-Swivel Hook Keeper

-Single Foot, Black Anodized Guides

- Finished with our signature Maine Fly Co brand on the handle

- Delivered in a Black Canvas Rod Sack (add a rod tube only and protect your investment ,$30)

-A solid performer and a must have for any fly fishers arsenal! 

 This river will always hold a special place for me.  This is where I landed my first Landlock Salmon and took my first swim with gear while wading in search of said Salmon.  Win some, lose some, but everyday is a great day on the water! 

The Dead River, sometimes called the West Branch, is a 42.6-mile-long river in central Maine in the United States. Its source is Flagstaff Lake, where its two main tributaries, South Branch Dead River and North Branch Dead River, join. It flows generally east to join the Kennebec River at The Forks, Maine. 

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